Born in Stockholm in 1999, The name We Are the Superlative Conspiracy [WeSC] comes from the sense of unity that has always been exceptional in the skateboarding community - the creativity, attitude and people are what laid the foundation for WeSC. WeSC set out to be a lifestyle brand that would be a mix of subcultures such as skateboarding, art and music combined with fashionable designs to create products that catered to the global youth culture.

Since the beginning, WeSC has built a natural relationship with inspiring, provocative and upcoming figures in music and sport, becoming a well respected brand. Throughout the years, WeSC has made numerous of exclusive collaborations and limited editions with renowned brands and artists such as Adidas, Absolut Vodka, Nokia, Smart and the Andy Warhol Foundation, RZA, Skrillex, Maxwell, Beny Fairfax, Jason Lee, Arto Saari, Galantis and more



With WeSC True Wireless earphones, you can stay connected at all times with their impressive 20 hour playtime. The in-ear earphones feature touch control technology on each ear bud, enabling you to play, pause and skip tracks with just a touch. When combined with their clear built in mic, you can answer and end calls, or use voice assist on any iOS or Android phone. These Bluetooth headphones will pair easily with any device for quick, compact audio enjoyment.



WeSC On Ear Wireless Headphones are your new lightweight, intuitive travel companion. Go wireless with a 9 hour playtime, and match the foldable, fashionable designs to your wardrobe. These Bluetooth headphones work at up to 10 meters away from your device, allowing you hassle free listening, talking and gaming. Stay connected to your friends with the built-in microphone, utilize the integrated controls to pause, play and skip beats, and enjoy excellent audio quality with these Bluetooth wireless headphones.



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WeSC Audio Starter PackWeSC Audio Starter Pack
WESC WeSC Audio Starter Pack
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WESC On-ear Headphone (Neon Pink)WESC On-ear Headphone (Neon Pink)
WESC WESC On-ear Headphone (Neon Pink)
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WESC On-Ear Headphone (Navy Blue)WESC On-Ear Headphone (Navy Blue)
WESC WESC On-Ear Headphone (Navy Blue)
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WESC TWS Earbuds (Neon Pink)WESC TWS Earbuds (Neon Pink)
WESC WESC TWS Earbuds (Neon Pink)
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WESC TWS Earbuds (Navy Blue)WESC TWS Earbuds (Navy Blue)
WESC WESC TWS Earbuds (Navy Blue)
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WESC TWS Earbuds (Black)WESC TWS Earbuds (Black)
WESC WESC TWS Earbuds (Black)
Sale price$99.95
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The fully recyclable sustainable packaging is made from paper and cardboard right down to the hook.